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Phil Robertson energizes CPAC crowd — and ruffles liberal feathers; STDs are ‘revenge of the hippies’

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Phil Robertson, patriarch of the popular show “Duck Dynasty,” delivered a one-of-a-kind speech to a crowd of conservatives after winning a free speech award at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Robertson’s unique analogies and storytelling sparked some colorful Twitter banter for those following the event.

Who better to win the “Andrew Breitbart Defender of the First Amendment Award” than a guy who unabashedly will say anything – and everything – that comes to mind?

One thing is for certain, Robertson makes no apologies for who he is and what he believes. He started his unique speech by pulling out his well-used Bible – then he started blowing minds.

Robertson really ruffled liberal feathers when he began to talk hippies and sexual transmitted diseases. His comments were flamboyant and for many, a little strange.

Remember, no one gave Robertson the comedian-of-the-year award. But then, things went on, and on, and…

By that time, it seemed like no one did.


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