Cruz attacks GOP establishment in CPAC speech; appeals to conservatives ‘in the trenches’

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, warmed up the Conservative Political Action Conference crowd with a few jokes directed at Democrats and Hillary Clinton before taking on not just President Obama — but also members of his own party.

Demand action, not talk,” Cruz told his audience, exhorting them to hold their politicians’ feet to the fire on the issues that matter.

“If a candidate tells you they oppose Obamacare — fantastic!” he said, adding, “When have you stood up and fought against it?”

He went through a list of other issues in a similar manner, before concluding that “actions speak far, far louder than words,” and then distinguished himself from the “talkers.”

“If you are really a conservative, you will have been in the trenches, you will bear the scars and have been fighting the fight,” bringing to mind his famous Obamacare filibuster when he read his daughters the Dr. Seuss book, “Green Eggs and Ham.”

For that, he was excoriated by members of his own party, most notably, fellow Sen. John McCain of Arizona.

“We need to look to people who walk the walk,” he said.

But the disconnect doesn’t stop there — it extends to that between Washington and middle America.

“The biggest division we have in the country is not between Republicans and Democrats,’’ Cruz said. “It is between career politicians in Washington and the American people.


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