Wisconsin Senate approves right to work; union members become unglued!

The Wisconsin state Senate approved by a 17-15 margin Wednesday night a proposal to make Wisconsin the 25th right to work state in the nation. The Assembly is expected to vote on it next week.

Union members and liberals are now howling, knowing that the Assembly will more-than-likely pass the measure, and Republican Governor Scott Walker will definitely sign it into law.

Syndicated columnist and free market policy analyst Phil Kerpen tweeted the news:

Earlier this week, union members screamed almost incoherently in the capitol rotunda about right to work and Walker.

“They’re taking this state!” one woman yelled. “They’re coming for your weekends!”

“Up yours Walker,” a man screamed. “Eat me Walker, you fascist pig!”

But they were nothing as compared to what happened after the vote. Reporter Pete Zervakis observed that by that time the protesters had moved into the Senate gallery:

And actual vote brought forth the whining: 

H/T: Twitchy

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