‘There’s gonna be a President Rodriguez,’ Obama panders: Will he be an illegal?

If there’s one thing President Obama does well, it is play to the emotions of the American people.

Especially when it comes to his overreaching executive amnesty.

Speaking to a friendly audience at a MSNBC town hall event in Miami, Obama pandered to Hispanics in attendance by promising that one day “there’s gonna be a President Rodriguez.”

(Let’s just hope that the future President Rodriguez entered the country legally.)

“Now, over the long-term this is going to get solved because at some point there’s gonna be a President Rodriguez or there’s gonna be a President Chen,” Obama said.“The country is a nation of immigrants and ultimately it will reflect who we are and its politics will reflect who we are.”

The crowd ate it up.

Obama again justified his potentially illegal actions on immigration by pointing out that the Republican-led House refused to pass the Senate’s bill on immigration reform — a bill that had many shortcomings.

“I gave the Republicans a year and a half — a year and a half — to just call the bill,” he said. “We had the votes. They wouldn’t do it.”


Tom Tillison

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Tom Tillison


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