Obama stuns America with his brazen statement on illegals: ‘We’re a nation of laws BUT . . .’

According to President Obama, we are a nation of laws, BUT…

But that doesn’t mean his administration is going to enforce them.

In fact, while addressing illegal immigration at a MSNBC town hall Wednesday in Miami, the president all but said he will invalidate laws that do not advance his political agenda.

Confident that few in the national media will call Obama out for his overreaching actions, the White House even tweeted his brazen remark:

Obama has gone so far as to threaten border control agents “not paying attention to our new directives.” (See enforcing our immigration laws)

Media Research Center’s Dan Gainor was quick to note that “when you say ‘we’re a nation of laws, but,’ you’ve lost the argument and belong in jail.” Here is his tweet, along with a number of other responses, as seen on Twitter:

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Tom Tillison


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