How does Dem Congressman get away with bold-faced lie about tea party and segregation?

When it comes to whipping up the base, the blatant dishonesty of many Democratic Party lawmakers is off the charts.

Confident that their allies in the media are going to run cover for their fanciful tales, there are no limits to the spin, as seen early this week from U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver.

Going after the left’s favorite target, the Missouri Democrat told a group of supporters that the tea party wants to take the country back to the days of segregation and when women didn’t have equal rights.

Cleaver referenced the health care debate in 2009.

“We had tea party people, all over, everywhere, and they were screaming at us, he said. “And I’ll never forget this guy, on the steps of the Capitol says to me, ‘we want our country back.’ And I’ve got people on both sides screaming, ‘we want our country back.’”

“You can’t have it back,” Cleaver continued. “We’re not going back to a day when we were segregated. We’re not going back to a day when women were considered secondary citizens. We’re not going back.”

Never mind that the assertion is a bold-faced lie.

But then, Cleaver was also involved in the alleged “spitting incident” on Capitol Hill during the health care debate, where tea party members were accused of using the n-word. Interestingly, when no evident could be produced to support the claim, Cleaver backed away from early remarks about the incident.


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