Dem lawmaker tries to walk back her threat to slap conservative Stacey Dash

Actress and Fox News contributor Stacey Dash continues to discover that being a conservative black woman can be a real detriment in President Obama’s post-racial America.

In fact, a Georgia state representative, a black woman herself, was so annoyed by the actress voicing her opinion, that she turned to Twitter to say: “I’m going to slap Stacy Dash if I see her.”

State Rep. Dar’shun Kendrick — a Democrat, of course — apparently had second thoughts about her violent diatribe and deleted the tweet, but not before Dash was able to acquire a screenshot.

She tweeted an image of the screenshot, calling Kendrick out for being a poor role model for young black women, as seen here:


Not having the good sense to quit while she’s behind, Kendrick tweeted a condescending reply that by deleting her tweet, she “recanted” the statement.

As if it had never happened.

Little does Kendrick know, but the Internet is forever, as a number of social media users were quick to remind her. Here’s a small sampling of the responses, as seen on Twitter:

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Tom Tillison


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