‘The View’ hosts are even upset by Hillary’s gender wage hypocrisy: ‘It’s like a bad fart,’ says Goldberg

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid is already beginning to smell, and it hasn’t even been officially announced yet.

Remarks made by actress Patricia Arquette during her Academy Awards acceptance speech on Sunday called attention to the subject of gender pay gap, a subject that has bitten Clinton in the posterior.

Records revealed that she paid her female staff 72 cents for every dollar she paid her male staff members.

Faced with proof, the incredulous team at “The View” were dumbfounded and disappointed.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg used a confusing analogy to try to defend Clinton, pointing out that we don’t really know if the positions of the men were more important and called for higher pay.

“It’s like a bad fart,” Goldberg said. “You put it out and it wafts.”

Some of her wiser colleagues moved in a different direction..

“I love Hillary,” Rosie Perez said. “I was shocked. I was like, ‘Oh, no. This does not look good.’”


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