See obnoxious DCCC email laughing at Republicans over McConnell cave; asking for cash to budge Boehner

Bragging that they’d forced Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to split a bill funding the Department of Homeland Security from a measure that would defund President Obama‘s executive amnesty, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent an email out Wednesday lookingn for more.

Money that is.

shut down

“He’s scared — of you. Your grassroots pressure has spooked McConnell into dropping his Tea Party-inspired threat to shut down Homeland Security, then blame Obama,” read the email.
blasted to Democrat supporters.

The email also gave a “dire” warning about the Department of Homeland Security shutting down in 60 hours unless House Speaker John Boehner caves too.

“There’s still one HUGE problem: Boehner won’t budge,” the email said. “That means it’s up to us to increase the pressure — and fast. If Boehner doesn’t back down, Homeland Security will shut down in 60 hours.”

Don’t worry the DCCC has a solution for that problem.

Scare the faithful into sending money.

DCCC Email

The Senate overwhelmingly voted to pass the DHS funding bill by a vote of 98 – 2.

According to Fox News, although the current bill reverses Obama’s amnesty actions Democrats were assured it would be changed to what they want it to be.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas released a statement denouncing the bill.

“Congress is obliged to use every constitutional check and balance we have to rein in President Obama’s lawlessness, and that includes both our confirmation authority over nominees and the power of the purse,” the statement read.

Boehner did not indicate whether he would bring the bill to a vote in the House, but Rep. Matt Salmon, R-Ariz issued a stern warning stating that Boehner would be on “very thin ice” if he relied on mainly Democrat votes to pass the legislation.

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