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Black NY Dem argues: ‘White people don’t eat the way we do’

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A New York City Democrat complaining about the closing of a supermarket in her Brooklyn district wants to order the property owner to open a new one because “white people don’t eat the way we do.”

New York state Sen. Velmanette Montgomery thinks white people don’t eat like black people. She should ask the guy next to her. (Photo: The Brooklyn Paper)

“Supermarkets are an important part of the community,” state Sen. Velmanette Montgomery said, according toThe Brooklyn Paper. “It’s an important amenity, especially for black and brown communities.

“When you’re talking about a white community, it can be a little boutique, because white people don’t eat the way we do.”

Representing the rapidly gentrifying Brooklyn, Montgomery seems to think every white person in America is 26 years old with tattoos and a pierced nose, or an Ivy League MBA raking it in in Manhattan (and Democrats to a man).

Her comments came during a community meeting about the closing of the Key Food supermarket and the redevelopment of the property into a mixture of apartments and businesses, The Brooklyn Paper reported.

And according to the paper, not one person in the overwhelmingly black crowd disagreed.

One even blamed the supermarket’s closing on race – instead of basic economics like the new property owner can make more money by redeveloping it into trendy, upscale apartments and those little boutiques, coffee shops and book stores that white people love so much.

“If our skin were any other color, this would not be happening,” resident Roseanne Lynn.

Because white people don’t eat like you?


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