Russians party creatively at anti-Obama themed pancake festival

Peculiar anti-Obama demonstrations broke out during Russia’s Maslenitsa celebration that signifies the end of winter.

The yearly event consists of silly games and lots of delicious pancakes. The pancakes are offered for the purpose of indulging in ingredients otherwise banned during Lent and are a staple at the festival, giving it the nickname “Pancake Week.”

huffpo pancake
Lady Maslenitsa burning. Photo source: Huffington Post

But it wasn’t all fun and pancakes this time around.

Things took a strange turn when some partygoers got political and started burning President Obama in effigy, according to Buzzfeed.

Normally, that spot is reserved for “Lady Maslenitsa,” whose image is burned as a ceremonial ritual to quicken winter’s end.

With Russian and American relations at an abysmal low, it looks like some Russian festival goers made their disappointment known in various ways. Here are a few pictures of the shenanigans mixed with good old fashioned Russian fun.

pole guy
Source: IIya Naymushin / Reuters

shooting pic

They weren’t aiming at Spongebob.


People in Crimea painting pancakes in the colors of the Russian flag:

painted pancakes

Timeout for goofy games:

Photo source: IIya Naymushin / Reuters

o pic

More Obama angst can be seen at



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