Jaw-dropping headline from CNN leaves conservatives stunned; Dems feel faint

Jaded conservatives used to the routine slanting of political news got a jaw-dropping surprise from CNN.com Monday:

A headline over a story about the fight over funding the Department of Homeland Security put the blame on the party that deserves it.

Monday night’s vote was the fourth time Demcrats had filibustered a bill to keep the Senate from voting a bill that would fund the department before a Friday deadline. But the news itself wasn’t as earth-shaking as the fact that a major media outlet had presented it truthfully, without the Democrat spin.

But just being the truth doesn’t make it news in the Obama Era media, which has spent six years painting Republicans as being the “obstructionists” standing in the president’s way. That’s what made the headline so refreshingly jarring.

What could be behind the sudden urge for accuracy?


Or it might just mean some headline-writer in Atlanta didn’t get the memo about protecting the president’s party — and might be in trouble over it.

Let’s hope not. Good journalism jobs are tough to find these days — as tough to find as honest journalists.

It might just mean something simpler — like hell freezing over.

Unfortunately, the surprise will likely be too pleasant to last. Like the Russians in the bad old days, American conservatives are too used to their being “no truth in the news and no news in the truth.”

Sure. Right after the truth about Fast and Furious, Solyndra, the IRS and Benghazi.

It won’t happen.


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