ISIS opens English-language schools for jihadi children to ‘blend’ and ‘spread terror’ better

ISIS is ramping up efforts to use children as a major part of its war against the civilized world.

In an effort to “blend in” effectively and more “easily spread terror” throughout the Western world, the Islamic State will now be offering English-speaking classes, a UN official told the New York Post.

The new curriculum comes as ISIS promoted a video exploiting children as young as 5-years-old being indoctrinated in terror training camps.

“The schools are targeting ISIS children who already live in Raqqa. They want to give them their form of education, which is teaching them to become jihadists,” the unidentified UN official told the Post.

“They start out as mini-jihadists and grow up to become adult jihadists.”

A tweet showing the group’s recruitment flier was sent out on Sunday for the new classes, which will be held in Raqqa, a city that is quickly becoming the “ISIS capital” and breeding ground for future terrorists, according to the Post.

“ATTENTION ENGLISH SPEAKING MUHAJIROON! By the grace of Allah we have opened schools for English speaking children,” the ad reads.


It looks like their effort is twofold, using English classes as a way to attract foreign fighters as well. Notice the tweet is captioned with,

“#Raqqa #ISIS open 2 english school for foreign fighters children #Syria”

Make no mistake, ISIS is in this war for the long haul and the heavy emphasis on raising armies of future jihadists should have the Western world very concerned.


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