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College indoctrination on steroids: Capitalism must be overthrown for sake of humanity

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American universities are pumping out loyal socialist soldiers and a reading assignment that excoriates capitalism at the University of Michigan is being used as propaganda tool to further fuel socialist ambitions.

It’s apparent that many colleges and universities are becoming more like activist indoctrination camps than they are institutions of higher learning.

The textbook, “Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution,” was assigned as mandatory reading for U of M’s “Organizational Studies 203: Activism,” according to The College Fix.

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Source: The College Fix

While the description of the course itself claims it is unbiased and “will not preach social change from any particular point of view,” the coursework students are to complete sings a very different tune.

According to the College Fix, the textbook blames the “global slump we are living through” on capitalism. Adding, it is “the predictable manifestation of a crisis-prone economic system rooted in production for profit rather than for human need.”

“… For the sake of human development and ecological sanity it needs to be overthrown.”

The free enterprise system that has lifted more people out of poverty than any other economic system known to man needs to be “overthrown for the sake of humanity?”

No… there’s no particular “point of view” directing the coursework here.

Further, the “unbiased” text described capitalism as morally perverse and goes into great detail to try and persuade students to perceive it from a socialist point of view.

“Beautiful Trouble” defines capitalism as “a profit-driven economic system rooted in inequality, exploitation, dispossession and environmental destruction,” according to the Fix.

The class is taught by a political sociologist, Professor Michael Heaney.

Heaney’s reading assignment rattled at least one student enough to bring the textbook that contains a parade of entries written by “scholars who openly profess to support and are engaged in liberal, socialist and communist activism” to The College Fix.

And today’s youth wonders why the American Dream is fleeting?



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