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Sean Penn made to choke on his own political correctness! Fried by libs for green card Oscar joke

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Each year’s Academy Award presentations are about the previous year’s best in both comedy and drama.

Has-been actor and left-wing loon Sean Penn managed to provide both in less than a minute by giving an observation that managed to offend most, and amuse the rest.

As the announcer for the year’s Best Picture, Penn opened the envelope, glanced at the card and then quipped, “Who gave this son of a b**ch his green card?

The left-leaning Huffington Post took issue with Penn’s quip, reporting that “Joke or not, the remark struck many online as problematic for an awards ceremony that had been criticized for not having more nominees of color.” Others felt the same, and said so on Twitter.

It didn’t take long before Twitter users brought politics into the discussion:

As it turned out, it was a joke that went right over the heads of the majority of both attendees and those watching at home. It was actually a line taken directly from “Birdman,” that category’s winner.

Personally, I don’t think anyone much got the joke, all of which proves one thing: Those who cast their votes have very likely never seen the film they’re voting for — they’re voting for those films they believe they should be voting for, sight unseen.

The Academy Awards have more to do with political correctness than with actual cinematic merit.

Otherwise, “American Sniper” would have won the Best Picture, and Penn would have really had something to curse about.


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