New ISIS video flaunts heartbreaking abuse of children as young as 5 in terror training

Those arriving at Islamic State training camps from foreign shores are not only bringing their hate with them — they’re also bringing their children.

Their kids — some as young as five — are being pressed into service and trained as soldiers and suicide bombers.

The Islamic State released what Fox News referred to as a “slickly-edited 9-minute propaganda video” depicting row upon row of kids at a training camp called the Al Farouk Institute for Cubs, located in the Raqqa province in Syria.

“Fox & Friends” co-host Steve Doocy remarked Monday that most of the children are foreign-born.

“That means not only young men came to fight with ISIS, but also they brought their family,” Doocy said. “And now they’re using their children as – I believe they think – martyrs to be used as human shields, suicide bombers and enforcers.”


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