‘The whole thing is surreal’: George Will demolishes State Dept.’s theater of the absurd

Conservative columnist George Will destroyed State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf with a single word: “surreal.”

“We cannot kill our way out of this war [with the Islamic State],” Harf said last week on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” adding that America has to “go after the root causes” of terrorism, including “lack of opportunity for jobs.”

The comments were the topic of conversation on “Fox News Sunday,” with a number of panelists pummeling Harf for her ignorance. But Will did her in.

“We are going to cope with the radical ideology by bombarding them with tweets, using 350 State Department Twitter accounts,” Will said. “The problem with that is that there is an old axiom [that] you cannot reason someone out of [a] position they have not been reasoned into, and the idea that people who say we would rather behead people and crucify them and burn them alive, and you are going use, at most, 140 characters to say, ‘That’s really not very nice.’”

The whole ugly affair, he said, “is surreal.”


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