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The Obama way of war: Iraqis abandon US arms to the enemy, while fighting Kurds go begging

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Islamic State extremists have seized dozens of U.S.-made weapons and armored vehicles in Iraq’s Anbar province, according to video obtained by CNN. Meanwhile Kurdish forces fighting the militants continue pleading for U.S. arms.

An online video obtained by CNN depicts Islamic State terrorists taking over an Iraqi military base and making off with “dozens” of M-16s, heavy-caliber machine guns and Humvees.

CNN reported:

The authenticity of the video could not be independently verified. But if confirmed, it would not be the first time ISIS gets its hands on U.S.-made equipment.

In June, the group gained access to military arsenals in northern Iraq, which were filled with U.S.-supplied assault rifles, heavy weapons and ammunition.

In October, ISIS said it had taken weapons and ammunition from an American airdrop that was intended for Kurdish forces near the border between Syria and Turkey.

Meanwhile, Kurdish forces, which have reported some success fighting off the extremists in northern Iraq and Syria, face shortages of arms and ammunition despite repeated promises of weaponry from the Obama administration.

Bloomberg View reported Jan. 30:

With the victory this week over Islamic State forces at Kobani, Syria, one might think that the U.S. and Iraqi governments would be looking to increase shipments of armaments to the Iraqi Kurdish forces fighting on the ground.

But according to the Kurd overseeing much of the ground campaign in Northern Iraq, his Peshmerga units are facing a shortage of ammunition and guns just at the moment they have turned the tide against the jihadists.

It all makes one wonder — whose side are we fighting on?


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