CAIR applauds as DHS pegs ‘domestic right-wing violent extremists’ threat to US

The Obama administration has met the enemy, and the enemy is you.

Particularly if you are a right-wing “sovereign citizen” who believes your individual rights are under attack, according to a Feb. 5 Department of Homeland Security report obtained Friday by Fox News.

The intelligence assessment defines a sovereign citizen as someone who believes he or she is “immune from federal, state, and local laws and that many Constitutional amendments are false.”

The document said such individuals believe they don’t have to pay taxes or government fees and reject “the authority of the government, law enforcement, and the courts.”

Some sovereign citizens are even prone to violence, the report said, adding that “law enforcement officers will remain the primary target of violence over the next year due to their role in physically enforcing laws and regulations.”

The timing of the report’s release came under scrutiny, since it closely followed the Obama administration’s Conference on Violent Extremism, where the president bent over backwards once again to avoid using “radical Islamic terrorism” to describe Islamic State’s brutality and other militant acts.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, which the United Arab Emirates considers a terrorist organization, applauded the report.

“We welcome this new intelligence assessment on the threat posed by domestic right-wing violent extremists. It is the government’s responsibility to address all forms of violent extremism – regardless of ideology – and in proportion to the criminal threat posed by those groups,” the group’s statement said, according to Fox News. “We now call on the DHS and FBI to release an intelligence assessment addressing the spike in hate crimes targeting Muslim, Arab, Middle Eastern, Sikh, Hindu, and South Asian communities throughout the United States.”

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Carmine Sabia


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