Artist installs shocking, life-sized, cocaine-snorting Oscar statue on Hollywood Blvd.

Oscar Wilde once said that life imitates art more than art imitates life, but either way, a cocaine-snorting Oscar statue that showed up Thursday in Hollywood may be a little too close to reality for the comfort of some.

Which may explain why it didn’t last a day.

The evocative statue, the handiwork of Los Angeles-based street artist Plastic Jesus, was placed near Elvis Presley’s star on Hollywood Blvd just days before the 87th Academy Awards ceremony, according to the New York Post.

It depicts a lifesize Oscar statue crouched on all fours, about to snort two lines of cocaine, and includes a plaque that read: “Hollywood’s Best Party.”

Sneak peak of my Oscars 2015 piece. “Hollywood’s Best Party” #oscars2015 #academyawards #streetart #streetartla #notbanksy #americasniper #boyhood #bighero6

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The Post reported that Plastic Jesus explained on his website that the eye-catching piece was “intended to draw attention to Hollywood’s hidden problem of drug addiction that affects hundreds of people in the showbiz industry and is largely ignored until the death of a high profile – A list celebrity.”

But it may have captured a little too much realism for some, and after a complaint to the local Chamber of Commerce, the artist removed the statue later the same day.

“We didn’t want a confrontation, you know, the message is out there,” he told the local CBS affiliate.

(According to the Post, it will go back on display over the weekend.)

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