Sheriff Clarke shares stinging parting words for Eric Holder

The outspoken Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke had plenty to say about Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to sue the city of Ferguson, Mo. for racial discrimination.

Holder’s actions are an abuse of power, Clarke told Brian Kilmeade on “Fox & Friends” Friday. Clark also defended the grand jury’s decision not to indict former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

Well, it’s more of the same from Eric Holder. Look this is an abuse of power. Eric Holder has gone 15 for 15 in terms of indicting police departments of some sort of wrongdoing. That doesn’t pass the smell test. There’s no objectivity in his investigations and oftentimes the conclusion is written before the investigation even starts.

… Look, the Ferguson grand jury got it right. Officer Darren Wilson acted reasonably in defending his life against Mike Brown. It was a tragedy, we all know that. But Eric Holder early on before that investigation had started said we’ll get this right and the fact that the grand jury ruled not the way he thought they should have, he’s still going to try to extract his pound of flesh.

The town of Ferguson is still reeling in the wake of last year’s riots, and many local businesses are struggling to rebuild and move on. But, a costly lawsuit will pull time and resources Clarke says.

Clarke eagerly anticipates the end of Holder’s term as attorney general, and hopes his replacement will be someone who will be supportive of local law enforcement agencies.

It’s typical politics of Eric Holder and the United States Department of Justice — at least under his tenure. You know, we can’t see this guy out the door soon enough. I know he’s leaving. I just hope that the next attorney general that comes in, whoever that might be, won’t be Eric Holder 2.0.



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