Manhunt for escaped jail inmate comes to a close when he’s shot by homeowner

The manhunt for an Idaho jail inmate who escaped custody Tuesday came to a close Thursday night. But it wasn’t through the actions of law enforcement personnel.

That job was handled by an ordinary homeowner who also happened to be armed with something more than a cell phone.

When the homeowner went out to check to see why his dogs were barking, he was confronted by Roy Bieluch, who’d escaped two days earlier from the the Shoshone County jail, according to local CBS affiliate KREM.

The homeowner drew his firearm, called 911 and ordered Bieluch to remain where he was. Instead, the inmate began approaching the homeowner, who responded by firing his weapon multiple times at the intruder.

At least one round hit his leg and he dropped to the ground immediately. He remained there until sheriffs deputies arrived.

Bieluch escaped the jail while on cleaning duty by breaking through a closet panel, making his way along a crawl space and finally to the lobby, where he ran out.

He was transported to the Shoshone Medical Center in Kellogg. From there, it’ll be back to jail.

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