Guns aren’t good enough: Lawmaker wants to ban machete possession in New York

A New York lawmaker who helped push through what is among the nation’s strictest state gun control measures, now has his sights set on machetes.

The SAFE Act — New York’s stringent anti-gun law making many popular firearms illegal was introduced in response to Connecticut’s horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

In a similar manner, a Long Island murder in which a man hacked teenager to death with a machete has prompted state Sen. Tony Avella to make the possession of a machete illegal and punishable by one year in jail, according to the New York Daily News.

“The fact that anyone can easily purchase this potentially lethal tool is just crazy,” the Democrat from Queens told the newspaper.

As it now stands, anyone carrying a knife having a blade longer than four inches — and that would include machetes — can be fined up to $300 and sentenced up to 15 days in jail.

What’s next? Baseball bats?

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