Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s backroom deal goes massively, horribly, terribly wrong

Politics is dirty business and no one probably knows that better than Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz – especially after a failed backroom deal she tried to make was exposed on social media.

Orlando trial lawyer John Morgan has been a donor, but also a critic of Wasserman Schultz in particular.

Morgan who has been instrumental in driving new medical marijuana policy in Florida, came short of having it pass a Florida constitutional amendment last year.

Their rift started when Wasserman Schultz publicly opposed the legislation that Morgan helped draft. That move didn’t sit well with the trial lawyer and at the time he called her “despised…an irritant…irrelevant,” according to Politico.

The old spat was reignited Wednesday when Politico reached out to Wasserman Schultz’s office looking for comment on the criticisms from Morgan and other medical marijuana advocates.

Reportedly flustered the Wassermann Schultz team got to work and reached out through an email to the campaign manager for the medical marijuana initiative and offered him a deal – retract critical statements of her and she’ll change her position on medical marijuana.

The email was forwarded to Morgan who declined the offer.

Morgan then forwarded the email chain to Politico to reportedly show how “thin skinned” she is.

“Actions have consequences,” Morgan told Politico. “Her days of pushing people around are over.”

And the consequences kept coming… all over Twitter:

Probably not.

Well, let’s not get our hopes up.


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