Dana Perino predicts Clintons will fix their latest ethics scandal by obeying the NY Times

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s charitable foundations have been inundated with donations from foreign governments and investors including some that Hillary promoted while she was Secretary of State.

Now Fox News Host Dana Perino believes the Clintons will do as the New York Times, an unabashed Team Clinton cheerleader, advised Friday.

Reinstitute a ban on foreign donations.

Clinton had a ban on foreign donations when she served as Secretary of State but the Wall Street Journal reported this week that she lifted the ban when she left office.

The Foundation defended itself in a statement Wednesday.

“The Clinton Foundation has strong donor integrity and transparency practices that go above and beyond what is required of U.S. charities and well beyond the practices of most peer organizations. This includes the voluntary, full disclosure of donors on our website for anyone to see,” the statement read. “The bottom line: these contributions are helping improve the lives of millions of people across the world, for which we are grateful.”

That wasn’t enough for those on Twitter who agree with Perino.

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Carmine Sabia


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