‘Around 20’ cowardly Dems publicly humiliated for walking out of pro-Israel vote

Virginia Democrats acted with shocking cowardice when they fled the chamber rather than vote on a pro-Israel bill.

And just a few minutes later, they did it again.

Earlier this month, when Del. Brenda Pogge, a Republican from James City County, introduced a joint resolution encouraging support for the State of Israel, a group of about 20 Democrats walked out during the vote.  Of course, they could have remained in the chamber and voted “nay” into the official record.

HJR659 resolved that “the cordial and mutually beneficial relationship between the Commonwealth of Virginia, the United States, and the State of Israel be encouraged,” and that “the State of Israel has the right to live in peace and to defend itself, that Israel be recognized as neither an attacking force nor an occupier of the lands of others.”

A video published by the Virginia GOP shows the vote, which adopted the resolution 70 to 2.

Then Speaker William Howell recognized Del. Jackson Miller, who proposed,  “I move for a revote now that about 20 members are back in their seats over here.”

Before Howell could respond, Miller withdrew his request, “that’s all right, the 20 members are leaving again, Mr. Speaker.”

Howell then laughed and added a perfect description of the cowardly act:  “that’s called a profile in courage.”

Twitter users are outraged.

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Steve Berman


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