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Actress Patricia Heaton blows her top over Kerry’s philosophical plan to defeat ISIS

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Actress Patricia Heaton was ready to blow her top after posting a snapshot of Secretary of State John Kerry’s plan to deal with 7th century Islamic State militants responsible for the deaths of thousands in the Middle East.

The actress tweeted a caption of an essay by Kerry posted Thursday on the State Department’s official blog, “DIPNOTE” — you can’t make this stuff up. The tweet included the message: “John Kerry’s plan for fighting ISIS and Boko Haram…my reaction? Cue exploding head from #Scanners.”

Expanding the caption, Kerry wrote of the just concluded White House summit on countering violent extremism:

“This summit at the White House and State Department will expand the global conversation and, more important, adopt an action agenda that identifies, shares and utilizes best practices in preventing and countering violent extremism. And when world leaders gather at the United Nations General Assembly next fall, a key topic of discussion will be the steps we’ve all taken to fight extremism based on the agenda we outline this week.”

An action agenda? Best practices? Next fall?

With innocent people dying by the hundreds, Kerry waxes philosophically, writing that “success requires showing the world the power of peaceful communities.”

In a show of grace, Heaton explained to a follower why she did not include a video clip of the gruesome scene of an exploding head:

A display of posters from the film previously posted by a social media user helps with a visual of the “epic” scene: 

Heaton, best known for her role on the CBS sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond,” has turned to Twitter in the past in support of her decidedly pro-life stance, and saw a favorable response from followers.

Thursday’s reaction was no different, here is a sampling of the responses: 

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