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WATCH: Megyn Kelly shreds pro-amnesty congressman: ‘You’re dodging!’

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Wednesday night’s bout between Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly and pro-amnesty Congressman Luis Gutierrez will go down as among the greats, with one observer noting, “I thought they were going to reach across the screen and slap each other.”

Following a federal judge’s 11th-hour order temporarily blocking the Obama administration from implementing the president’s executive amnesty program, the Illinois Democrat made some inflammatory remarks on another network — MSNBC.

“This ruling speaks volumes about how mean and xenophobic folks can be,” Kelly quoted Gutierrez from his MSNBC appearance. “Who is being mean, and who has an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners?” she asked.

After some back-and-forth, Kelly put in that “there’s a rule of law in this country” and the judge that handed down the order said the president lacked the authority to issue his executive action — something Obama himself said he lacked for six years.

“Is he [Obama] also mean and xenophobic?” Kelly asked.

Gutierrez began weaseling around Kelly’s questions instead of answering them.

“I don’t want your repertoire,” Kelly interjected. “You’re dodging!”

Viewers loved it, and took to Twitter to say so. Here are a few examples:

The dust-up is why Kelly remains no. 1 in her time slot on cable news.


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