Michelle Malkin calls out Christian-mocking comic: Going to make fun of Muslims, too, hon?

Its easy to take shots at people you are fairly certain won’t behead you.

That’s why liberal comedians continue to make Christians and Jews targets of their “comedy” — as was the case Wednesday with outspoken atheist Sarah Silverman when she marked the Christian holy day of Ash Wednesday by tweeting:

Unfortunately for Silverman, she was quickly confronted by someone smarter, and frankly funnier, than her — conservative queen of snark Michelle Malkin, who responded by tweeting a picture of Silverman’s tweet along with her own commentary:

And so began a back and forth between the two.

That’s the type of response you have when you know someone just hit you with checkmate.

Fans from both sides also got involved in the melee.

That might be because her greatest accomplishment is being Jimmy Kimmel’s ex girlfriend.

Yeah its not working.


These tweets from the Silverman fandom give you some idea of the brain trust that follows her.

And then Malkin slammed it home.

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Carmine Sabia


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