Krauthammer: Obama’s speech was a ‘community organizer’ doing outreach to killers

Conservative columnist and author Charles Krauthammer sounded-off on President Obama’s extremism speech laying out a heavy series of blistering reality checks.

Adding to the growing list of politicians and pundits who have criticized the president’s soft stance on ISIS, Krauthammer had this to say Wednesday on Fox News’ “Special Report” with Brett Baier.

It [Obama’s speech] sounds like a community organizer talking about outreach to aggrieved communities. If you listen to the president today and his emphasis on Islamic grievances on reaching out, on making the Muslims feel comfortable and not excluded, you would think that we are responding to the execution and the beheading of 21 Muslims on behalf of 21 extreme Christians somewhere in the world.

Well, it was the president who tried to compare today’s acts of ISIS barbarism to the Christian crusades, after all.

Krauthammer then went on to address statements made by State Department Spokeswoman, Marie Harf. Harf has been under fire for saying that the centuries-old quest for an Islamist jihad could possibly be quelled by providing jobs for ISIS members.

There are rich people in ISIS, there are poor; there are educated, there are uneducated. The idea that somehow if you can eradicate poverty which in and of itself is an absurdity as if it’s going to make any difference is sort of a fantasy. And it’s a way to avoid the issue, as is the president’s language.

Krauthammer ends with a final piece of reality that probably won’t be heeded by the Obama administration any time soon.

I mean, you simply have to say, of course they are a branch of Islam, a very important one. They are all over the world, and unless you address the Islamic roots of it, you will get absolutely nowhere in trying to stop the recruiting and to stop their advances.

H/T: Real Clear Politics

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