Fox’s Ed Henry grills White House: ‘Why didn’t you say Christians were killed?’

While Americans continue to be perplexed by the verbal gymnastics employed by the White House to avoid calling Islamic extremism what it is, the Obama administration was caught in an embarrassing double standard this week.

At Wednesday’s news briefing, Fox News senior White House correspondent Ed Henry asked why the administration failed to identify 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians killed over the weekend by Islamic State militants as Christians, yet was quick to mention the Muslim faith of three students killed in Chapel Hill, N.C.

(That’s Fox News for you, always bringing common sense and reason into the discussion.)

Watch the full exchange here via The Right Pundit:

Henry reminded White House press secretary Josh Earnest that a statement he issued on the deaths of the Coptic Christians identified them only as “citizens.”

“Why didn’t you say 21 Christians were killed?” he asked.

“Well Ed, I’ve — I’ve tried to be clear here,” Earnest said.  “I can’t account for that specific line in the statement, but we’ve been clear there that we condemn this murder.”

Henry then switched gears to the slaying of three Muslim students in North Carolina, pointing to a statement by President Obama that referenced their faith.

“Why was their Muslim faith relevant in that statement?” he asked.

Earnest noted the investigation into the slaying of the students is continuing, with police still “trying to determine exactly what the motivation of the individual who’s been charged with this crime was.”

Inexplicably, he then walked all over that remark when he added “that people should not be targeted because of their religion and what they look like or what their last name is or how they worship.”

Yet, when prompted, Earnest again acknowledged there was no evidence that religion was a factor.

“So why was their faith invoked in the president’s statement?” Henry asked.

And the dance continued…


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