Obamas disgust taxpayers with estimated $2.5 million SEPARATE Valentine’s vacations

The Obamas took separate vacations for Valentine’s weekend, despite the disgust expressed repeatedly by the American people over their pricey trips that keep coming and coming.

President Obama flew Air Force One to California, where he played three rounds of golf at a course owned by Oracle executive chairman and former CEO Larry Ellison while wife Michelle and their daughters, Sasha and Malia, went to Aspen, Col., for a ski weekend.

All at an estimated cost of approximately $2.5 million, according to the Daily Mail. The paper arrived at the figure using the approximate costs of operating Air Force One (more than $228,000 per hour) plus the first lady’s 2013 weekend ski trip in Colorado.

The president was in San Francisco on Thursday for he gave a speech at a cyber security summit, attended a round-table with business leaders and, big surprise, went to a fundraiser dinner for the Democratic National Committee where guests paid $10,000 for dinner and a picture with Obama — or $32,400 to co-chair the event.

Michelle and the girls, meanwhile, managed to sneak around a car accident in time to hit the slopes.

Despite spending the lovers’ holiday apart, the first couple was able to send each other Happy Valentine’s Day wishes in the most non-private manner possible.

The president used his weekly television address to wish his wife a happy Valentine’s Day, while Michelle sent out a tweet.

I guess they haven’t gotten a handle on using the telephone the same way they’ve mastered spending taxpayer money.

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia Jr started his own professional wrestling business at age 18 and went on to become a real estate investor. Currently he is a pundit who covers political news and current events.
Carmine Sabia


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