Muslim stabs 2 at bus stop for being non-Muslim; Washington Post gets hammered for unreal headline

Those on the left just cannot bring themselves to say the word “Muslim” unless they are accusing someone of persecution.

The trend continued Wednesday after a Muslim man stabbed two people at a bus stop in Detroit because they weren’t Muslims and the Washington Post just couldn’t say it.

Well, the paper did originally, and changed its mind.

The original headline, which is still visible in the url for the story, was “Man stabs two at a bus stop after asking them if they’re Muslim.”

Muslim Headline

But it must have burned someone in the Post’s politically correct eyes because the headline was changed to “Police: Man stabs two after asking about religious beliefs.”

If that wasn’t enough the paper also changed the first sentence to mask the fact that the perpetrator stabbed the victims because they aren’t Muslim.

The story is a simple one. A man named Terrence Lavaron Thomas, 39, asked some people at a bus stop in the Detroit suburbs if they were Muslim. When two of them replied “no” he stabbed them.

Thomas stabbed one of the men five times with a 3-inch folding knife, the Post reported. The other man was stabbed in the hand as he tried to stop the attack. None of the injuries was “life-threatening.”

Is there any doubt that if a Christian did that the headline would read something to the effect of “Modern Day Christian Crusader stabs two in apparent hate crime”?


The Twitterverse was not impressed by the ridiculous headline change.

Hey, look! CNN couldn’t say Muslim either. I’m shocked.

And Michelle Malkin slammed it home with her trademark wit.

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