Leaked word on Wasserman Schultz’s possible Senate run draws early scorn

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the sharp-tongued solon from South Florida, is strongly considering making a run for the Senate if incumbent Republican Marco Rubio makes good on his potential U.S. president run.

And the critics are already stinging.

dws0218newWord of Wasserman Schultz’s Senate ambitions came in a Politico report Monday, quoting Florida Democrat heavyweight Andrew Weinstein.

“Of course she’s considering it,” Weinstein told Politico’s Marc Caputo, a veteran Florida journalist. “Open seats are pretty rare.”

It’s all speculation at this point – Rubio hasn’t even announced a final decision on leaving the Senate to run for president – but the idea of Wasserman Schultz leaving her dead-dog Democrat South Florida seat to run in a contested statewide primary is delicious.

Potential competitors include Democrat Rep. Patrick Murphy, who might want out of his Republican-heavy battleground district, and even, according to Politico, former Gov. Charlie Crist – the former Republican turned Democrat who his campaign to return to the governor’s office lost in November.

As the chairwoman of the Democrat National Committee, Wasserman Schultz has been a relentless cheerleader for Dems nationwide, reserving her considerable malice for Republicans. (Accusing Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker of being a wife-beater – figuratively, of course – was one of her high points.)

If she does run statewide, whether it’s against a fellow congressman like Murphy, or the grasping, opportunistic, currently-out-of-office Crist (the true face of the Democrat Party in Florida in every way) it will be a blast watching viper-sharp Debbie turn that venomous fire on her own party.

But if the early reception to the idea of a DWS run for Senate is any indication, she’ll have a tough row to hoe.

Actually, she’s not stupid at all. That’s what makes her dangerous.

Laugh for now.

In Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ case, that would be one too many for the Senate.

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