Hell hath no fury: Professor tasked with teaching peacekeeping to cops arrested for assaulting cheating boyfriend

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned – even if she is tasked with teaching peacekeeping skills to first responders.

In a story that you couldn’t make up, an Ivy League professor who trains city cops and firefighters how to quell emotionally charged situations was arrested after allegedly giving her boyfriend a beatdown for cheating on her, according to the New York Daily News.

On Valentine’s Day!

Columbia University professor Joann Baney was charged with misdemeanor assault after being accused of punching Walter Frey, a retired New York City cop, the Daily News reported.

Walter Frey – Photo Credit New York Daily News

“I hit him because he cheated on me,” Baney told a responding officer, according to court documents.

The former NYPD sergeant suffered cuts to his left ear and right side of his neck when he was allegedly assaulted by the 5-foot, 125-pound professor who is said to have a “hair trigger.”

“Her specialty is about communication and building relationships with the public,” a school source familiar with the incident told the Daily News. “In reality, she has a hair trigger.”

Despite her confession to the responding officer, Baney’s attorney said she is innocent.

“We believe when the facts ultimately come to light and are brought out in the court, she is going to be vindicated,” attorney Stephen Bilkis said. “She’s very anxious to have her story heard.”

The Daily News said Frey has had his own troubles with the law, noting that his career “was irreparably scuttled after he was arrested in 2003 for making harassing phone calls to a nurse in Suffolk County.”

As for Baney’s teaching officers to de-escalate heated situations, what an embarrassment it would prove to be should it be discovered that any of the officers involved in the Eric Garner incident had taken her class.


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