Union thugs harass Scott Walker’s elderly parents, grandson takes action

It became apparent Monday that union thuggery is alive and well in the state of Wisconsin after the son of Gov. Scott Walker tweeted a photo showing union protesters massing outside the home where his grandparents are living.

Walker’s tough stance against unions has landed him in the national hot seat and with his presidential aspirations on his mind, unions are taking the fight to him – and his elderly parents.

Walker’s son Alex, posted this photo of the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association gathered outside Walker’s parents’ home – despite the bitter cold.

The picture was noticed by many on Twitter.

The political stunt looked to be a big backfire as people began to weigh in on the protest…

Here’s a little piece of protesting 101 advice: Don’t pick on babies, puppies, or the elderly. But apparently the MTEA union branch didn’t get that memo. 

In the end, it doesn’t matter what sparked the sudden union fury. Picking on the elderly is something you just don’t do.

Thanks to the latest union stunt, the Walkers received a lot of support and free publicity.

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