Totally disgusted Greta takes on Obama, every lawmaker on the Hill for ‘lousy, rotten work ethic’

With crises brewing abroad and at home, Congress and the president went on vacation, and Greta Van Susteren is disgusted.

“What a lousy, rotten work ethic,” the Fox News host Van Susteren said on Monday night’s “On the Record”. “I’m talking about the president and every member of the House and Senate.  No one is in Washington.

This is about priorities, and all our leaders’ priorities are way out of whack.”

Van Susteren reminded lawmakers that Department of Homeland Security funding ends on Feb. 27, and that ISIS just beheaded 21 Christians in a video released Sunday.

The House and Senate are on a 10-day recess, and President Obama is in California attending a fundraiser, and “playing lots of golf,” she fumed.

“Unthinkable, isn’t it? The United States is the last world superpower, and we should be leading the world,” Van Susteren said.

“Instead, our leaders look like a bunch of college students on spring break, not giving a damn about these issues of national security. I don’t get it, where’s the work ethic or just the innate desire to do the right thing?”

Van Susteren is only saying what we all are thinking:  who will keep Washington accountable?  

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Steve Berman


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