Kindergarten ’Fight Club’? Teacher suspended for filming kids getting beat up

A kindergarten teacher in Jacksonville, Fla. is accused of videotaping one student beating others, and doing nothing to stop the fights while they were going on.

According to the Florida Times-Union, the Duval County School District launched an investigation of Rita Baci, a teacher at a Montessori school, involving a series of incidents in November.

The incidents involving John E. Ford Montessori school teacher Rita Baci occurred in November, according to a recent Duval County schools investigative report.

The investigation found Baci made cellphone videos of a male student hitting another boy “about his face and body several times.”  The boy also kicked another student as the child hid under a table, and punched and slapped a third child.

Back told investigators she intended to use the videos to demonstrate how aggressive the boy was in class during a parent conference.  She showed the videos to an assistant principal prior to the conference, but her students told investigators she also showed them the videos.

She did not interfere to stop the violence while she made the videos, the investigation found.

In another incident the week of Nov. 24, the report says Baci used her foot to push a boy out of her classroom into the hallway, where school staff say he was found alone, wearing only one shoe.  According to investigator Reginald Johnson, Baci showed poor judgment and used inappropriate physical contact in that case.

Baci, 65, is certified in several fields, including educating emotionally disabled students.

She been suspended for 15 days without pay for violating “Duval’s code of ethics and professional conduct by violating the student’s confidentiality and failing to make a reasonable effort to protect students from harm,” Johnson told the Times-Union.

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