Seriously? ‘SNL’ mocks Fox for fake news on same network that brought you Brian Williams

Was Brian Williams watching?

NBC’s venerable “Saturday Night Live” used the “Weekend Update”segment of its 40th anniversary special to take a completely shot at the credibility of rival network Fox News that was not only unwarranted but actually embarrassing, given NBC’s recent troubles in its news division.

Midway through through the disappointing segment, “SNL” pioneer Jane Curtin riffed on her early work then stuck the knife in Fox.

“I used to be the only pretty blonde woman reading fake news,” Curtin said, as a Fox News graphic appeared on the screen next to her. “Now, there’s a whole network devoted to it.”

A real laugh riot, right? Libs don’t like Fox News. Libs watch “SNL,” so “SNL” makes a joke about Fox News!

Actually, it wouldn’t have been funny under normal circumstances. But coming so soon after NBC’s star anchor Williams was unceremoniously suspended because his own credibility is shot thanks to serial “exaggerations,” the joke fell simply fell flat.

Even worse, it opened the show up for mockery all by itself.

The worst part of it isn’t Williams, though. “SNL” takes jabs at Fox all the time — the way soon-to-be-former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart does.

When the “counterculture” types are attacking the only network that hasn’t carried water for the White House for the past six years, they’re not the counterculture anymore

And when they do it after a credibility-killing scandal like Brian Williams’ fall from grace, they just look stupid (especially since Fox’s blondes make Curtin look like wallpaper — even in her prime).





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