University hosts application fair ONLY for illegal aliens: So why keep the media out?

New Jersey taxpayer dollars are hard at work helping illegal immigrants attend college.

On Saturday, Rutgers University even hosted a jam-packed event on its Newark, N.J., campus to help illegal immigrant students apply to and pay for college.

Called “undocuRutgers,” it drew an estimated 200 students, according to

And even though the university tried to keep the event out of the media — one supporter even said he was almost thrown out after being mistaken for a reporter —  Americans who found out about it weren’t happy.

“This three-hour event was there to encourage undocumented students to apply for college,” Campus Reform writer Gabriella Morrongiello told a “Fox and Friends” panel Sunday. “It provided them with tools such as how to fill out a college application, how to pay for college, and organizers of the event even told undocumented students who attended that their identities would be kept confidential from the government.”

In what can only be described as a slap in the face to paying students, the event was funded by the university.

“It was paid for by the university and hosted by the university,” Morrongiello said. “I imagine that students’ tuition and students’ fees were used to fund this event.”

Peter Englot, Rutgers-Newark’s senior vice chancellor for public affairs, defended the event.

“Our motivation derives from our awareness of the growing presence of undocumented students in our region, underlined by recent studies,” he said in a statement to

So why try to keep such an awesome idea out of the news?

According to

Rutgers officials also closed the college fair to the press after promising participants that their names and immigration statuses would be kept confidential. One student journalist said campus police removed him from the event after he tried to record inside the building.

Despite the news blackout, there were plenty of people who thought it was a bad idea (which might be why the university tried to keep it quiet.)

Well yeah we wouldn’t want the press to get a hold of this.

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