‘Cops are handcuffed’: Guess how many Ferguson looters have been arrested

Even though surveillance video caught many rioters red-handed, not one person has been arrested in connection with the Nov. 24 riots that turned Ferguson, Mo., on its head.

Police officials told a local TV station that the investigative process has been slow because there were so many rioters.

“You’re talking hundreds, maybe thousands of people,” St. Louis County police Sgt. Brian Schellman told KMOV-TV. “Somebody out there knows them.”

You think?

So far, police have identified “a dozen or a little more” looters, but none has been arrested to date, Schellman said.

“You only have so many detectives on these cases,” he said. “They’re scouring through hours and hours of footage.”

Police want the public to watch the videos and help identify the miscreants.

“Some of these people may be out-of-towners that we never find,” Schellman said. “But we do know that somebody out there knows these people, and we just hope those people step forward.”

Waiting on the people of Ferguson to rat out the rioters and looters? Yeah, that seems like a sound plan.

Twitter users had their own thoughts on the subject — mainly that in the Obama Era, “cops are handcuffed.”

This one would open a can of worms.


But even if they did?

This is Obama’s America.

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Carmine Sabia


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