Bob Schieffer asks WH chief of staff: Does Obama even care that Americans are being murdered by ISIS?

A CBS News host questioned a top aide to President Obama over the administration’s commitment to defeating Islamic State terrorists, and even went so far as to ask whether the president even cared.

“ISIS is committing and continuing to commit these heinous crimes — four Americans have been killed — [and] Washington responds by saying we need to have a debate,” “Face the Nation” host Bob Schieffer said. “There’s a perception out there that we don’t care, that we’re taking these things in stride.”

Obama’s chief of staff, Denis McDonough, took issue with Schieffer’s appraisal.

“I work very closely with the president of the United States, and he takes this very, very seriously,” McDonough said. “We’ve seen ISIS’s progress blunted in Iraq, we’re making good progress in Syria, but I don’t want to overstate it because this is going to be something that will take some time.”

Schieffer’s shifting attitude toward the president is reminiscent of an earlier time, involving another CBS newsman.

As the 1968 presidential election season approached, then-President Lyndon B. Johnson decided not to run for re-election. When an aide asked why, Johnson said CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite was critical of his handling of the Vietnam War.

Until then, Cronkite generally supported both Johnson and the Democratic Party.

If you’ve lost Cronkite, Johnson told the aide, you’ve lost.

Obama just lost Schieffer — and CBS.


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