YOLO: Obama cuts up, jokes ‘you only live once’ on day of hostage Kayla Mueller’s death

The same day the White House announced that Islamic State terrorists’ only remaining American hostage was killed, President Barack Obama uttered a phrase that means “You only live once.”

The president was clowning around for a BuzzFeed video on Obamacare when he said, “YOLO,” a light-hearted moment that Fox News anchor Heather Childers called inappropriate and insensitive considering its timing.

“The president says, ‘YOLO, man!’ And for people at home who may not know what that stands for, YOLO stands for ‘you only live once,’” Childers said on Friday’s show, talking specifically to liberal panelist Juan Williams. “Well you know who’s not alive, Juan, now? Kayla Mueller.”

Williams, of course, took the president’s side.

“It is not a matter of appropriate or inappropriate,” Williams said. “I don’t think it has any connection to Ms. Mueller’s sad demise. What we’re talking about here is a totally different issue, which is the president funning around in pursuit of trying to get more people to sign up for health care.”

Fellow panelist Mary Katharine Ham said that while the president has a tendency for poor optics, she was more concerned with the un-presidential nature of the interview.

“He does have a pattern of doing highly unserious things on the heels of very serious events, and I don’t think that is a great look for the White House,” she said. “On this one, I think I’m less concerned with the timing and more concerned with the sheer silliness of it.”


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