Texas Republican: We should send Chuck Norris after ISIS, not spineless Obama

After all too many examples of President Obama‘s weak-kneed response to Islamic State militants wreaking havoc across the Middle East, a Republican congressman from Texas said America should turn to actor Chuck Norris instead.

“I’m no fan of President Obama’s, but he was elected president — that makes him commander in chief, so we need to give him full authority to do what he does,” U.S. Rep. Blake Farenthold told Newsmax. “Quite frankly, Chuck Norris would be the one to send in, not President Obama.”

Pointing out that Norris is a Texan, host Ed Berliner asked Farenthold if he had the chance to talk to the Hollywood icon about the idea.

“No, I have not,” Farenthold said with a chuckle.

“OK, because you know that the entire world trembles at the thought of Chuck Norris,” Berliner said with a straight face.

Farenthold said he didn’t mean to “make light of a serious situation.”

“I get what you’re saying,” Berliner said. “You’d like to get somebody in there, basically, to do the job.”

“Exactly,” Farenthold said. “You’ve got a president who I don’t think is committed to the war on terror, does not realize that the threat is from radical Islam and not just a few crazies out there. I don’t think he gets it, and I don’t think his heart’s behind it, and that really worries me.”

So, Chuck, do you have a little free time on your hands?

The full exchange can be seen here, via left-leaning Right Wing Watch, which seemingly took the congressman’s jest literally:


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