Stop Hillary PAC has thousands of funky Valentine cards for Hillary . . . if they can find her

For those who would rather eat worms, stick needles in their eye and listen to static than see former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton become our 45th president, the Stop Hillary PAC has just the ticket: Hillary Valentine’s Day cards, each containing a bit of humor and a whole lot of snark.

And to make it all even more fun, for each card you send to a friend or relative, the group will send one to Clinton.

stop hil2

While not all the Valentines feature Hillary, they’re all about her.

One, featuring former NBC “Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams reads, “From one combat veteran to another, Happy Valentine’s Day,” referring to her false claim that she’d arrived in Bosnia when she was first lady under sniper fire.

Another from her says, “I’d send you a Valentine, but I’m ‘dead broke.’”

“This is a light-hearted way for millions of Americans who reject Hillary’s radical agenda to remind their friends how disastrous a Clinton presidency would be for our country,” said Ted Harvey, chairman of Stop Hillary PAC. “We look forward to delivering thousands of Valentines to Hillary, if we can find her.”


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