‘Nasty . . . NOT a force for good’: Megyn Kelly not feelin’ the love for Jon Stewart – did he make her cry?

Fox News host Megyn Kelly wont let Jon Stewart make his exit from “The Daily Show” without putting her two cents in about the man who has picked on her mercilessly over the years.

Kelly spoke about frequently being “attacked” by Stewart and left the impression that some of those digs got under her skin.

“They think he’s funny, they think he’s a force for good and everyone wants to celebrate him, and I’m here to tell you that he reduced some people to tears,” Kelly said.

She followed the comment with a good natured laugh, but left the impression that Stewart has made her cry at some point.

In addition to questioning whether Stewart has been a force for good, Kelly spoke about his “nasty” demeanor.

“While I enjoy consuming his news product — his fake news product — at home and laughing at it, I don’t think overall he has been a force for good,” she said. “Because I think in his later years he got a little nasty, I think he got a little burnt out. And I can speak personally to a lot of the attacks that were levied on me had no foothold in the facts.”

Watch the full segment here via Fox News:

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