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Gun T-shirts look so real, they come with a warning that’s no joke

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A Colorado billiards store started making open-carry T-shirts to hand out around town just “for fun,” and they’re so popular, and so realistic, they come with a warning.

“Law enforcement officers may overreact to your shirt, do not reach towards it, your actions could get you injured, or even killed,” the shirt cautions wearers, according to WTSP 10 News, the local CBS affiliate.

On the left side of the shirt is a very real-looking picture of a holstered gun.

“The shirt was just something off the wall, and we decided to do it for fun,” Nitelife Billiards owner Paul Liebe told WTSP. “Well, it turned into a business that we didn’t expect.”

But there’s more to the T-shirt than just fun.

“It’s our support for the Second Amendment, free speech, and they’re just a great conversation starter,” Liebe said.

The warning is no joke. Liebe said there is a strong possibility a police officer may mistake the “photo-realistic” gun for the real thing.

“It lets them know if a police officer gives them a command because he sees your shirt at a distance and thinks you’re carrying a gun, listen to the officer if he says, ‘Freeze, stop, halt,’” Liebe said. “Just listen to him, don’t put your hand on the shirt on the gun, just do what he says.”

Good advice.

The shirts have been selling all over the country, and in other parts of the world, too — especially locales with heavy gun restrictions.

“I can’t think of a state right off the bat that we haven’t shipped to,” Liebe said.


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