‘What in the holy hell?’: Sharpton’s attempt to target Scott Walker from the Galapagos Islands backfires

When you function as little more than a teleprompt-challenged human gaffe machine, it’s probably not a good idea to use your mug to ridicule others — but it seems that MSNBC host and resident shakedown artist Al Sharpton did not get that memo.

To celebrate Darwin Day, MSNBC posted a teaser on Twitter targeting likely GOP presidential contender Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker over evolution, complete with an image of the tax cheat Sharpton decked out in explorer gear.

(Because attacking a conservative for their religious beliefs is a long-accepted sport in America, particularly one who shows promise before the American people.)

The tweet included the message: “Happy Darwin Day from the Galapagos Islands! How do you think Scott Walker is celebrating?”

Never mind there’s little hope Sharpton can even pronounce “Galapagos,” but to present him as a science sleuth is more than the human mind can comprehend.

“Evolve we much!”

With conservative firebrand Michelle Malkin leading the way, social media users had a field day with the low hanging fruit. Here are a few samples of the responses:

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Tom Tillison


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