Courtroom cracks up as feisty 80-year-old makes ‘sweetheart’ judge lose it

An elderly woman in prison garb took command of the judge, the lawyer and all the inmates in a Florida courtroom on Friday.

Dolores Sheinis, 80, had Broward County Judge John Hurley in stitches as she stood before him on charges of resisting arrest and an injunction barring her from visiting her ex husband, according to NBC Miami.

“I haven’t bothered him for 31 years, why would I bother him now?” she said in response to the judges instructions to stay clear of her ex.

“I swear to God and all that’s holy on a stack of bibles, I will never go near him, talk to him, call him or even look at him,” Sheinis continued.

The judge asked her, after a few rounds of comedic banter, if she ever considered a career in stand-up.

If you pay me good money, sweetheart, I’ll be there,” she said. “I’m really short of funds.”

When Hurley told her that she “brightened his day,” the witty 80-year-old responded “That’s what the last guy said.”


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