Brave granny tells off ISIS; demands ‘cursed’ bloodthirsty ‘devils’ stop slaughtering in name of Allah

An amazing video has started circulating the web depicting an elderly woman confronting two ISIS fighters and telling them off.

The video, believed to have been shot in Syria, shows the woman taking the fighters to task over their indiscriminate killing.

“You devils turn back to God,” she yelled at them adding that their state (ISIS) is cursed. “I swear nothing you have done was in the way of God.”

The men engaged her briefly before mocking and dismissing her.

Eldery Woman

“Everything is good between us right?” one of the fighters asked her.

But it wasn’t.

Eldery Woman

The woman quoted the Quran and repeatedly told the men to “turn back to God.”

“Do not slaughter anyone and nobody will slaughter you. It’s all forbidden.” she said to which one of the fighters said “We have come to you with slaughter.”

“God is watching what you are doing. ‘Those who deny our verses and are arrogant towards them, the gates of heaven will not be opened for them, nor will they enter paradise,” she added defiantly.

She also told them neither they nor Bashar al-Assad would win.

“Now when you got money from America and weapons from America you want to kill each other,” she added. “They are happy with (you) killing each other.”

“Turn O my grandchild to God,” she said as the video ended without showing what happened to the woman afterward.

Eldery Woman

Eldery Woman

Eldery Woman

Eldery Woman

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Carmine Sabia


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